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    Learn to be your own timer. It’s easy. Rent or purchase your own system and start earning revenue with fitness. Benefit from the on-going support of a Certified Orbiter Race Timer (CORT) and 24/7 Orbiter customer support. Orbiter Inc. trains you and supports your efforts towards success.

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    The smart and efficient way to count laps in physical education. Easy to set-up, split and record times. Equipment rentals are available for Parent Teacher Organizations (PTO) events including walk-a-thons.

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    Fitness Assessment tests with rapid deployment, 3-minute set-up, and fast reporting. Use Orbiter Lap Counting for Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) races including triathlons, run and bike races.

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    Become a Certified Orbiter Race Timer (CORT) and start earning income with exclusive territory. Orbiter’s light weight equipment and quick set-up is a favorite among timers and offers excellent earning potential.

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  • About Orbiter


    Our engineers have combined experience in a wide range of tracking technologies.  Still today, Orbiter engineers maintain their edge by supplying state of the art solutions in a broad array of applications for commercial and government use.   Our first billable as a team was supplying a Micron RFID solution for NASA’s Space Shuttle back in the 90’s.  Over the years we have provided Border, Port, and Airport Security solutions in over 33 countries.   Also, working Hospital, Transportation, Apparel, Aerospace, Agriculture, Airline, Ticketing, Access, Time and Attendance, Point of Sale, Fuel Dispensers, Nursery, Tree Tagging Spirits, Apple, Potato, Wine tracking solutions.  Today, we do cutting edge sensor technology for retail stores partially using smart car technology.

    We are able to do all this because we developed a rapid software development tool that allows us to connect disparate devices and make tracking solutions real.

    Orbiter prides itself in developing rugged designs that are simple to install and use.  An example is “Anyone can time a race.”  Our patented design makes Orbiter truly unique.  We have over 140 issued patents. 

    Orbiter also designs and manufactures electronic product at the green board level.   The Orbiter side-antenna technology is just one example.  As more and more companies license this technology, it is becoming an industry standard for timing events. For large and small races, the Orbiter side-antenna technology method allows races to be timed accurately with 3 minute set up and ease. This is why many of the largest marathons, through their timing Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), have their events licensed. It even works for bike races.

    Plus, Orbiter provides economy as the world low cost supplier of RFID in-lays.   We co-designed the unique 3D-Tag which Ironman triathlon timers say is the best in the world.   Here is what just one customer says…..

    “We just finished our annual Walkathon and it has helped us raise $ 300,0000 these last 5 years! Kind Regards a Very Happy Orbiter User, Kevin Flurry Director of Development Pan American Christian Academy” San Palo, Brazil

    A light design means for the average race, you and your car are all you need to get to the race and time it.

    Better Accuracy: Independent tests conducted by the military find the Orbiter timing method is as accurate as or more accurate than mats and overhead structures. The reason is that the Orbiter readers, both Standard and SLING, may be adjusted such that participant tags are detected and “beep” on the Start and Finish lines for all to see and hear. Competitive systems typically need two rows of mats and wires, or 2 RFID tags per bib to accomplish the same as Orbiter one reader and one bib. They also often have a 7 second delay to register the detection.

    Orbiters technology also solves shadowing issues common to other systems.Tags are detected even in the most dense runner line ups.   This is done by proven positioning of the readers, phased detect antennas and increased power. The advantage is 3 minute set up rather than an hour with competitive systems that use complex mat or overhead structures

    Shown are NY Marathon side antennas Licensed by Orbiter.

    Shown are NY Marathon side antennas Licensed by Orbiter.

    Our readers are autonomous, smart and use non-volatile memory.They are not just antennas and cables operating as a slave to the server, but make decisions on their own.  For example, knowing if a person running into a transition is returning to pick up something left behind.   Orbiter is the only company that can communicate to 17 Antenna sets with no cables, and then move them on the fly. This is even true with our tablet solution. Other tablets solutions communicate with the RFID readers one at a time, and reading more at a time requires time consuming manual process to switch from one WI-FI icon to another.  We monitor our system with heart beat monitors and watch dog wirelessly.This advanced method is not available with other systems because we wrote on own embedded software.   This is a must for mobile side antenna technology.Traditional embedded reader software is designed for supply chain with cable connections not the demands of flakey wireless connections which are up and down, ‘Can you hear me now’.

    Plus, each of our antennas produce 1 watt of energy.  This means a multiple of power over the start finish line.Unlike competitors that only use 1 watt to power shared over a full array of antennas.  

    All weather rugged design: Orbiters are used high heat and dust (Mojave Desert), and used in torrential rain (Guam), salt-water (Florida), Mountain Tops (Canadian Rockies), and mud runs.  

    Our Warranty is 1 year all parts and labor anywhere in the world.

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