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    Learn to be your own timer.Save tens of thousands of dollars.Rent or purchase your own system. It is easier than you may think.Plus you get the support of your local CORT timers when you need.

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    Physical education lap counting with split times, easy setup and reporting. The smart way to count laps.
    and PTO walk-a-thons may rent a lap counter for additional savings.

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    MWR races included Run,Bike and Triathlons
    Fitness Assessment tests with rapid deployment and 3 min set up.

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    Certified Orbiter Race Timer
    Become a race timer with exclusive territory. Orbiter's quick setup and light weight is favorite of families wanting to make a second income working mostly Saturdays in the AM. No special vehicles needed, low overhead with good income potential.

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  • About Orbiter


    About Orbiter Chip Timing System

    Since Orbiter patented it’s unique side antenna technology, the approach is becoming an industry standard for timing events.Used in both large and small races, the Orbiter method allows for the first time large and small races  to be timed accurately.This is why many of the largest Marathon’s through their timing OEM’s have purchased licenses from Orbiter.Once questioned about time accuracy it is well understood that the Orbiter method can be even more accurate than mats and overhead structures.The reason is that the Orbiter readers both Standard and SLING (operating as backup) may be adjusted such that both reader detects participants tags “beep” exactly on the Start / Finish line.Competitive systems typically need two rows of mats  to do the same. This is why in several recent Marathons, when the top two finishers run hand in hand across the finish line, their times can be up to 1.5 second apart.  The cause is that one of the finishers is not detected on the first line but the second line.Thus even though the finish was a tie, the time shows differently.With Orbiter both readers detect on the finish line allowing for more accurate timing.

    Plus, the Orbiter approach allows for timing of many more divergent events such as Standup Paddle Boarding because the SLING Orbiter may be taken out on the water.With no extra devices such as the “Pelican Box – time detector controller”, as found in many other systems, the water proof SLING to be dropped into sea water and still operate. 2 miles line of sight, and 300 yards in a dirty radio frequency environment, of military spec wireless operation allows for communication to shore. Advanced industrial cellular method of communication allows Orbiter to have priority signal to cellular towers allowing for reliable split times to get out of congested area where tens of thousands of people are using their cell phones concurrently. The SLING also reads bib held in pockets, worn on the back, or side where competitive systems cannot read reliably.

    Call us today. We can answer your questions about alternative Original Equipment Manufacturers of timing equipment.  You can then make a Coca Cola v. Pepsi comparison with each.Thus providing knowledge so you may make the best choice.

    Simplicity, economy, modern design are all trademarks of the Orbiter system.

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