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    Learn to be your own timer. It’s easy. Rent or purchase your own system and start earning revenue with fitness. Benefit from the on-going support of a Certified Orbiter Race Timer (CORT) and 24/7 Orbiter customer support. Orbiter Inc. trains you and supports your efforts towards success.

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    The smart and efficient way to count laps in physical education. Easy to set-up, split and record times. Equipment rentals are available for Parent Teacher Organizations (PTO) events including walk-a-thons.

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    Fitness Assessment tests with rapid deployment, 3-minute set-up, and fast reporting. Use Orbiter Lap Counting for Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) races including triathlons, run and bike races.

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    Become a Certified Orbiter Race Timer (CORT) and start earning income with exclusive territory. Orbiter’s light weight equipment and quick set-up is a favorite among timers and offers excellent earning potential.

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    About Orbiter Chip Timing System Orbiter prides itself for simplicity of use.“Anyone can time a race.”We want to share information about the technology that makes this happen.  First is our patented designs that make Orbiter truly unique.  Our side-antenna technology comes first.  As more and more companies license this technology, it is becoming an industry standard for timing events. For large and small races, the Orbiter side-antenna technology method allows races to be timed accurately with ease. This is why many of the largest marathons, through their timing Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), have their events licensed.

    Plus, Orbiter provides economy as we show you how to combine your own bib tags for $ .29 cents each or we can supply fully programmed RFID chips and bibs for you.   We make our unique school lap counting tag guaranteed for 5 years at $ 2.95 each.  Co-designed the unique 3D-Tag which Ironman triathlon timers say are the best in the world.  Plus, a microwave tag that times bullet trains in Japan and France and is optimized for light motorized and electric car races.

    Better Accuracy: Independent tests conducted by the military find the Orbiter timing method is as accurate as or more accurate than mats and overhead structures. The reason is that the Orbiter readers, both Standard and SLING, may be adjusted such that participant tags are detected and “beep” on the Start and Finish lines for all to see and hear. Competitive systems typically need two rows of mats and wires to accomplish the same and often have a 7 second delay to register the detection.

    Orbiters technology also solves shadowing issues common to other systems.  Tags are detected even in the most dense runner line ups.   This is done by proven positioning of the readers, phased detect antennas and increased power. The advantage is 3 minute set up rather than an hour with competitive systems that use complex mat or overhead structures.

    Our readers are autonomous and smart.  They are not just antennas and cables but can make detection decisions on their own. Orbiter is the only company that can communicate to 16 Antenna sets with no cables, and then move them on the fly.  We monitor our system with heart beat monitors and watch dog wirelessly.  This advanced method is not available with other systems. Plus, each of our antennas produce 1 watt of energy.  This means a multiple of power over the start finish line.   Other companies use only 1 watt to power a full array of antennas.  This means that out of four antennas only 1 antennas has power while 3 others are not operating.   In competitive systems the power is cycled through each antennas one at a time.  Orbiter thus can have 2 watts, 3 watts of power on the line at the same time.  Just depends on how many Orbiter readers are placed at the start = finish line.  More power means better tag reads. All weather rugged design: Orbiters are used high heat and dust (Mojave desert), and used in torrential rain (Guam), salt-water (Florida), Mountain Tops (Canadian Rockies), and mud runs.   Our warranty is 1 year all parts and labor anywhere in the world.  An optional service policy is available at a nominal annual cost that covers everything.  There no exclusions even for intentional abuse only if lost or stolen. Competitive systems use Pelican Boxes, and when the top is open the electronics are exposed to rain.  Thus a canopy or plastic sheet is required, but not with Orbiter. We designed our system for the tough demands of rain, shock, dust and all weather design because the military demands it.   In our modern design, the pelican box was turned into software. Web based registration via smart phones reduces day of event line up.   Plus, the ability to input day of the event registration quickly from many lap tops using excel and .csv.  Our registration platform allows you to set up credit card process directly from your bank, that potentially increasing your gross revenue by 4%.  Or, keep your existing credit card processor as either method works with Orbiter. Race Results also output in .csv, excel or Libre.  If customer reports are desired these can be manipulated by novices to gain the perfect report.   Most common reports that handle 95% of a user’s need are already made with a click of a button.   These handle 95% of the common events.  For custom reports we use Jasper reports and we are always available to make custom reports.  For bright large outdoor displays, we have 3000+ lumen displays that show runner finishes in color for all to see. When participants pass their information is shown at the top of the display for 7 seconds, and then rotated down the list. Each Orbiter antennas can detect 250 tags per second because of our unique Orbiter reader that contains a full RFID reader, and special software.  Combine two antennas and now you read 500 tags per second.  This software has the Orbiter Reader Protocol (ORP) and Reprocessing feature that no other company has. Simplicity, economy, modern design are all trademarks of the Orbiter system. Call us today at 1-866-938-3587 (toll free) or (253) 627-5588. Orbiter Intellectual Property:  Orbiter has over 145 issued US and International Patents and Licenses.   These span the entire UHF Gen II Standard technology for use in lap counting and timing sporting events worldwide.   If you are interested in using dual side antennas at an event please call us.

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