Since 2006, Tacoma-based Orbiter Inc. has provided the most accurate, efficient and reliable means of timing human-powered events. We are currently on our 4th product revolution providing both hardware and software. Orbiter is sold into 33 Countries with excellent customer references.  Events, all lines of military service, and schools use Orbiters.

Orbiter has become the leading race management solution thanks to its innovative use of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, quick set up, and ease of use.  

This setup is fast and simple by eliminating the obsolete time detector control box, mats, cables and overhead structures.   Three minute set up and all in one rugged construction our system sets up in just three minutes.

With Orbiter, anyone can time a race.


There are 30,000 timed road running events in the United States each year.

These events span major marathons to school fun runs.  Participant times must be recorded accurately and results provided in real time on displays, phones, and reports.  

Other timing systems require extensive set-up, often by multiple people, using cords and wires that often must be nailed down on the road way to prevent trip hazards to event volunteers and participants. The Orbiter solution has streamlined the technology and the set-up, without compromising results.



Orbiter Race Timing Systems are the result of a combination of issued patented software and hardware solution using proven RFID technologies.


Orbiter has revolutionized race timing through multiple software innovations, including:

  • NO MORE TIME BOXES: Orbiter’s patented software harnesses the power of RFID technology to provide continuous updates and accurate timing for event participants. Our software has eliminated the need for traditional heavy and expensive plastic Pelican boxes as these have been turned into software. Instead, event volunteers simply sync our software using their tablet or laptop with the Orbiter reader.
  • CLONING: Races and Fitness Assessment tests can be easily cloned “copy” for quick set up and repeating events with just 4 key strokes over and over again.  This is especially important for the military and school Fitness testing where rapid fire repeat fitness assessment testing is required.
  • AUTONOMOUS OPERATION: Each Orbiter is reader is autonomous and smart.  Unlike other systems, Orbiter readers talk first to the Host.  A military method of communication that increases ease of use and reliability.   This increases reliability over retail Dynamic IP methods of communication.   Orbiter readers make smart decisions and do not need a live connection to a server.
  • REPROCCESSING: Unique software code written only by Orbiter allows any setting to be changed on the software at any time, so that operator errors can be corrected even after the event. Reprocessing saves races when other systems might lose race results. This is higher level database programming other systems are not able to do.
  • MILITARY SIMPLICITY: Similar to modern weapon design, a sixth-grader can operate the Orbiter.  Similar to launching a rocket.  Just push the “red” button and everything is automatic. Just remember who you gave the running bibs / wrist bands to, and have the machine beep when runners pass, and 100% your race is safe.
  • SCALABLE TO WORLD SIZE APPLICATIONS: Software work is never complete and Orbiter continually updates its code with the most modern tools. This allows scalability and incorporation of the most modern features both in terms of worldwide operation and incorporation of new sensor technology.



Orbiter leads the industry in its hardware design, including:

  • SIDE ANTENNA: The Orbiter phased detect side-antenna technology allows races to be timed accurately with 3-minute set up and ease.  Our patented side antenna technology allows precise control of the RFID tags because the RF lobe has an edge which creates a line on the forward leading edge. The user has the option of using which side (right / left) or back edge of the radio frequency lobe to use as the timing line .  The detection point is at speed of light and confirmed to the user in real time.  There is  no latency and the detection point is heard and seen by all. (Unlike other systems with a 7 second delay.)  Independent tests conducted by the military find the Orbiter timing method is more  accurate for RFID than mats and overhead structures. 
  • INSTANT SET-UP of cellular way points and Wi-Fi.  Just turn the Orbiter RFID detectors “on”, and your cellular connection is automatic to the host.  No human interaction.  Connect as many detection points automatically and at the same time.  See the result on bollard control, and then like Mission Control from the space program control your detection points from your Host Tablet / Laptop.  You can even eliminate your timing shed and walk the course while seeing real time results on your Tablet computer.  Orbiter is like Magic.
  • RFID TAGS: Orbiter offers a choice of RFID tags: From traditional race bibs inlaid with our transponder chip to patented 3D tags mud races, triathlons and military fitness assessments wrist tags.  These tags are for schools and military fitness assessments use too.  Our disposable tag application method is easier to apply, lower cost and more fool proof than other systems. 


Our Markets:


($ 2.2 billion market)

Running and race events are among the most popular physical education activities in schools. From PE class to school fundraisers, teachers and school groups are using Orbiter. Teachers love the system because it is easy to use and takes less than three minutes to set up. Students love the Orbiter School Kit because they get instant feedback – the system beeps as students pass by, motivating them to keep going.
Race Timing

($ 8.8 billion market)

From 5Ks and marathons and triathlons, If it’s human powered, Orbiter can time it. Our systems are lightweight, quick to set up and — most importantly — extremely accurate. Orbiter software is available for use on a variety of devices, including tablets, mobile phones and laptop computers.

($ .5 billion market)

Over 30 U.S. military bases use Orbiter for fitness assessment tests, as well as Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) races (e.g., road races, triathlons and bike races).

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Greg Stewart, President 13500 Pacific Ave. S. Tacoma, WA 98444 USA 253.627.5588 www.orbiter.com


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