Bike Races


“The Orbiter System effectively timed over 3000 cycle participants in 2016, from 5K to 100 mile distances including lap and wave starts.  I would recommend this system to anyone looking for reliability and consistent results”

Mike Ripley

Mud Slinger Events

Accurate Timing for Bike Races.

Orbiter gains accurate times for bike races because we use “last tag detect seen”. This captures the correct time as shown on the video above, on the line between the two blue barrels. Set up is easy with no wires, cables, or IP addressing. Just turn the battery operated reader ‘on” and go time your race. Plus, you can add additional wireless timing way points quickly just by setting them down and turning the “on” switch.

Real time results with Wi-Fi, Cellular and Satellite communication.

Timing a Triathlon is easy because each Orbiter time point sets up almost instantly. Just set them down, and set up is complete for one of the most difficult races to time. There are five time points per race (Start, Swim, Transition 1 (TR1), Bike, Transition 1 (TR2), Run, and Finish).   Orbiter readers are autonomously smart and track the participant from segment to segment providing accurate Transition times with ease.   Since each time point is geographically marked confirmed, overall results are produced in near real time.   Orbiter makes Triathlons so easy to time that a novice can time a Triathlon.  All without cables, difficult to set up tripod side antennas, or mats.

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