Become a Certified Orbiter Race Timer (CORT)

Earn extra income timing races on the weekend.

Certified Orbiter Race Timer

For large races the Standard Orbiter and SLING reader shown. The SLING can time most races hands free.

Timing accuracy: Our readers beep in real time on the start / finish line for all to see time accuracy. Set up the readers at the distance back from the start / finish line such that tags beep on the line. This ability to configure the readers in real time provide precise timing accuracy. Most other companies have a 7 second delay.

Become a Certified Orbiter Race Timer (CORT) have fun and based on your own efforts earn between $65,000 to $150,000 in extra income per year working just 3 Saturdays a month from 7:30 AM until 11:00 AM. Easy to set up equipment using your own vehicle. No longer are package trucks, crew of people needed to time an event. You can time events by yourself and bring your equipment in a car. The Orbiter system sets up in 3 minutes and as a CORT we provide you training and leads for races. Gain an exclusive Licensed territory with no Franchise fees. Most License / Franchise opportunities cost over six figures are possible. This means a quick return on investment. You own your customer list as an asset of your own business.

Time 10k’s, 5k’s, full and 1/2 marathons, triathlons, mud runs, cross country, obstacle course, bike, ski & snow events, paddle board and many other human powered events.

Included everything you need to time almost all events including: optional inflatable finish line, LED finish clock, SLING, lap top with pre-loaded software and printer. Easily scale up the size of your races into tens of thousands by purchasing or renting additional standard readers, when needed.

Plus, gain the advantage of Orbiter custom software, 3 dimensional triathlon, and mud run wrist tags.

Gain a competitive advantage: 3 minute set up, easy to transport, one person can time an event vs. the high overhead of a crew and truck needed to set up a mat or overhead timing system. Buy rolls of 5,000 chip inlays for $ .29 cents to give you another competitive edge.

Orbiter uses quality and trusted Motorola / Zebra hardware with Orbiters embedded software. Orbiter eliminated the customary Pelican Box (timer/detector) used by other timing companies and turned it into software. The heavy Pelican box was made “obsolete” by Orbiter. Orbiters readers do everything and more that the Pelican box once did. This reduces weight and allows for mobile operation, and ease of transport.

Our tags are assembled and tested by Orbiter. This reduces cost and allows you to gain a greater profit margin and yet still have a lower price. For obstacle courses and Triathlons, Orbiter co-developed an exclusive 3 Dimensional tag that has exceptional read range when worn on the wrist or ankle.

Orbiter’s software is the most advanced and has features such as reprocessing, logging mode and cloud operation. The software even works on tablets like Panasonic Tough tablet. This eliminates the need for a timing table tied to the Start / Finish line. It allows the timer complete mobility to run the race on the tablet in all weather / direct sunlight conditions. The optional cellular package is industrial and has priority over 3g and 4g retail cellular similar to Police and Fire. Orbiter’s industrial cellular priority means your results on split times get out and into the cloud reliability. The list of software and hardware features are greater than any other timing system company.

Let us show you our social networking and mobile device applications to draw in even more event attendees through our partners Crowdtorch and Yahoo. Orbiters’ approach saves you money and provides superior performance. Social networking tools change every 2 years. Orbiter keeps up with these changes with independent social networking partnerships. You are free to choose.

Plus, we train you on new proven markets that only Orbiter services to gain extra income. Orbiter engineers developed a “system” where the reader, tags and software work together for superior performance. Our intellectual property is unique with issued patents. Our software and hardware engineers have been involved in RFID since the early 90’s. Orbiter has over 60,000 lines of unique software code for embedded reader operation and application. We are more than an assembler of other peoples components because we designed our own green board electronics. When your purchase an Orbiter system, you are truly purchasing a better product, electronic green boards tags that out perform others by 20%.

Have fun and ride the Orbiter wave. We’re the timing choice for many national & international events, all lines of military service, schools and growing business world wide.

Call us we’d love to talk to you about this exciting business opportunity! References on request.

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