Become a Certified Orbiter Race Timer (CORT)

Earn extra income timing races on the weekend.

Certified Orbiter Race Timer (CORT)

Here are the reasons to choose Orbiter:

From the CEO / President of Orbiter Inc. Greg Stewart:

First, the program recognizes business risk and attempts to reduce that risk to you. Risk is reduced by the use of our high quality equipment that does what might cost you three three times more from alternative suppliers. Risk is also reduced because time results are more reliably produced. Plus, our lower cost equipment provides your customer with the same or better time accuracy.

Second, the program attempts to ensure you the likelihood of gaining a high return on investment because the investment denominator is lower. money.

Third, the program recognizes you are an independent business person and does not attempt dictate “what you should do”. It allows you “Freedom of Choice.” Even though Orbiter times any human powered event, you decide what events you want to do. You decided where you want to market. You decide your work hours such as Saturday’s only, Weekends, or Mid-week. There are no restrictions and no wrong answers. The great part about being a CORT is that it is ideal for you as a second income or full time.

Fourth, we provide leads to you, training, and the latest and greatest timing equipment and software. Most important to remember is your success depends on you alone. You have to make it happen.

Fifth, we are looking for Team Players that recognize the timing world is very big. Over 23,000 events annually in the USA alone and 135,000 schools. Our goal is to assemble a team of 250 timers nationally and another 250 globally.

Lastly, Orbiters job is to give you the tools to be successful as a timer both in providing you the world’s lowest cost inlays for bibs, most advanced software and software. It is our job to give you a competitive advantage. If we are not doing our job, we want to know about it. Plus, you own your own business and when the time comes, at your option you can sell your business without restrictions. We will support the new person the same as you because we want to sell them timing inlays and help them build their business for our mutual profit just like you. I sold my prior business to the Eskimos and it worked out great for me. So whether you keep in business, pass it onto your family or sell to another, Orbiter works for our mutual success and knows we need to give you tools for your success.

Most important to become a Certified Orbiter Race Timer (CORT) lets have fun and make money. Based on your own efforts you can earn between $65,000 to $150,000 in extra income per year working just 3 Saturdays a month from 7:30 AM until 11:00 AM. Our easy to set up equipment means you can use your own car. There is no reason you need to buy a big package truck, pickup, or trailer. No need to hire many people. These are the Achilles heal of many other timing systems. Heavy mats or setting up overhead structures are like a financial anchor around your neck. Once you purchase them, you are stuck and better make it happen in a big way or lose lots of personal money. With Orbiter you can start small and build up, PLUS we are here to rent you equipment. This is what I mean about reducing your risk. Lower up front costs, lower over head = risk reduction.

Orbiter rents our equipment to events and when these events want timers we pass them on to you. Plus you can rent to events yourself at no financial disadvantage to Orbiter. Given you can purchase inlays for $ .049 cents each for the first 5,000 each year, it is a level splaying field. You too can resell the same to events for what ever you like.

The Orbiter system sets up in 3 minutes and as a CORT we provide you training and leads for races. Gain an exclusive Licensed territory with no Franchise fees. Most License / Franchise opportunities cost over six figures. Orbiter charges an optional $ 816 per year for automatic software upgrades, and full parts and replacement. Well worth the value but it is up to you to decide. This low cost means a quick return on investment. You own your own customer list, and it is your asset which you own and retain.

The opportunity is Timing 5k’s, 10K’s and Bike events, triathlons, mud runs, cross country, obstacle course, bike, ski & snow events, paddle board and many other human powered events.

Included everything you need to time any human powered event of any size to world class standard. We offer optional inflatable finish line, LED finish clock, SLING, lap top with pre-loaded software and printer. Easily scale up the size of your races into tens of thousands by purchasing or renting additional standard readers, or renting from us when needed.

Plus, gain the advantage of Orbiter custom software, 3 dimensional triathlon, and mud run wrist tags.

Orbiter uses quality and trusted FCC approved reader hardware that is used all around the world today.

Since Orbiter eliminated the customary Pelican Box (timer/detector), your operating cost is reduced. Business risk is reduced as hardware is simplified. This means your event is safe. Pelican Boxes have risks of not working. Our application software has all the controls offered by a Pelican Box without the overhead. The heavy Pelican box literally is made “obsolete” by Orbiter. Orbiters readers do everything and more than a Pelican box once did with greater time accuracy using phased detect technology. This is similar to phased detect technology used by the military. Call and let us explain how.

Our method reduces weight and allows for mobile operation, and ease of transport.

Orbiter’s software is the most advanced and has features such as reprocessing, logging mode and cloud operation. The software even works on tablets like Panasonic Tough tablet. This eliminates the need for a timing table tied to the Start / Finish line. It allows the timer complete mobility to run the race on the tablet in all weather / direct sunlight conditions. The optional cellular package is industrial and has priority over 3g and 4g retail cellular similar to Police and Fire. Orbiter’s industrial cellular priority means your results on split times get out and into the cloud reliability. The list of software and hardware features are greater than any other timing system company.

Let us show you our social networking and mobile device applications to draw in even more event attendees through our partners.. Orbiters’ approach saves you money and provides superior performance. Social networking tools change every 2 years. Orbiter keeps up with these changes with independent social networking partnerships. You are free to choose.

Call us we’ll explain about this exciting business opportunity that reduces risk over other timing systems. References on request.

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