Become a Certified Orbiter Race Timer (CORT)

Earn extra income timing road races and school walk a thons

Certified Orbiter Race Timer (CORT)

Here are the reasons to choose Orbiter for your timing needs

First,if you are interested in purchasing a timing system, Orbiter is the right choice. This is because you are purchasing proven rugged product currently used by all lines of military service, Canadian Armed Forces and NATO. Many Race Timers, militaries and Police agencies have been using the same Orbiter product for over 10 years. Since our design is the same, you make more money, and lower your business risk because there is less change. Beware of timing manufactures that claim “easy to use” when you can see in their videos otherwise. Cable connections, many parts, and unknown software. Our software advances each month, as this is the nature of software. However, Orbiter technology changes are always backwards compatible. You are welcome to request a free download of our software to evaluate. We made our software easy to use so it can be rented to first time users.

Our lower cost equipment provides your customer with better time accuracy when compared to other road running RFID systems. Our greater timing accuracy is validated by third parties. Other, systems can not make this third party claim.

Second, You gain a higher Return On Investment because our hardware is less expensive by a factor of 2X to 3X; Our RFID Bib chips are a fraction of the cost of other chips, even though they come from the same high quality inlay manufactures; And, our easy to use software is a tool allows you to time any human powered event. Other timing systems can not make these representations. For example, many events simply can not be timed effectively with mats and overhead structures.

Third, You gain “Freedom of Choice.” This means you decide which Registration Platform, Social Media tools, and Reporting you want with your event. You even have the option of using your own credit card processing provider, ours or others.

Fourth, With Over 23,000 events annually in the USA alone and 135,000 schools this is a great industry to be involved.

Lastly, Orbiters has found proven markets other timers can not time effectively without our method. Many events require quick set up. This includes fund raising web pages that allows you to make significant money. We teach you how to help non profits and schools raise money. There is significant income for you in doing this. One CORT makes net taxable income of $ 350,000 doing raising money for nonprofits full time, and several make $65,000 to $ 150,000, part time just timing races. Our timers are our best references.

Orbiter rents extra equipment when timers need it. This also lowers your costs because you are not forced to buy more than you need.. Each component is compatible with another so you can build on them to. We have used the same proven technology for years so there is no worry of losing value over time. No need for purchase of different types of RFID readers for different types of events.

Check on line for videos of “set up” and “take down” of mat or overhead structure systems. Who wants the complexity, back breaking extra work in hauling around all those heavy parts? Even competitive side antenna technology is similar. They all use the obsolete pelican box with it’s maze of delicate copper cables. Each has two connectors one to plug into an antenna and another to plug into the time detector. By the time you plug in that is needed, competitive side antennas are not much different than mats for set up. Orbiter on the other hand is all in one construction, all together. Just pull out and push the “on” button.

The Orbiter system sets up in 3 minutes and as a CORT we provide you training and leads for races. Gain an exclusive Licensed territory with no Franchise fees.

Orbiter uses quality and trusted government approved product licensed in all countries of the world.

Since Orbiter eliminated the customary Pelican Box (timer/detector), your operating cost is reduced greatly. No cables are required as is the case when using a time detector box. Cables contain copper and are delicate. They eventually fray as they are wound and unwound for each event. They then need to be replaced. Orbiter has none of this as our system is complete. Just turn it on.

Our system is more than half the weight. A mat system typically weight 140 lbs versus Orbiter’s 30 lbs. Orbiter allows for mobile operation, and ease of transport.

Orbiter’s software is the most advanced and easy to use. It allow timing of any human powered event. It has features such as reprocessing, cloning, logging and optional cloud operation. The software even works on tablets like Panasonic and Dura-Tough tablets. This eliminates the need for a timing table tied to the Start / Finish line. It allows the timer complete mobility to run the race on the tablet in all weather / direct sunlight conditions. The optional cellular package is industrial and has priority over 3g and 4g retail cellular similar to Police and Fire. Orbiter’s industrial cellular priority means your results on split times get out and into the cloud reliability. The list of software and hardware features are greater than any other timing system company.

Let us show you our social networking and mobile device applications to draw in even more event attendees through our partners.. Orbiters’ approach saves you money and provides superior performance. Social networking tools change every 2 years. Orbiter keeps up with these changes with independent social networking partnerships. You are free to choose.

Call us we’ll explain about this exciting business opportunity that reduces risk over other timing systems. References on request.

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