Coca Cola V Pepsi Competitive Comparison

More Orbiter Features not found in competitive systems:  (1) The Event Planner that turns on and off events automatically. This is used for control many events at the same time. (2) Race Control using a Tablet.    This frees the timer from the timing tent and allows full mobility during a race. (3) Monitoring of many way points in real time with heart beat monitor and watch dog. No longer are Pelican boxes with knobs and switches required at each way point.

See the screen shot of Orbiter4 software detector control below:


Cell Connection just pops up “Green” automatically with no human interaction.

Competitive Systems:

How Mats work and why the Orbiter system is better… Mat antenna cables are delicate copper and fray as they are moved and used over and over.  This causes performance to degrade over time.   Mats have 22 different connections to put together. In the picture below a Parks Department truck ran over the antenna shorty after they were nailed down.  Nails are used to reduce tripping hazard on Mats. 

Time accuracy is compromised with mat systems by the number of mats used and the latency to read the tag detect.   This creates a fuzzy finish as detection can happen on any of the one mats.  Orbiter’s time is very accurate because it is the leading edge of the phased detect lobe that captures the time speed of light.  

Orbiter  has a Reprocessing button that allows configuration of the race to be changed on the fly and even after the race.  Reprocessing” saves races because it allows set up errors to be corrected even after a race.  

One tag per bib is all that is needed. This provides additional economy and reduces preparation time prior to the race.


Orbiter detectors are excellent Way Points because they set up so quickly. image001 

 Seen in these pictures are complicated competitive systems. They are not easy all-in-one set up like Orbiter.   image002


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