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More Orbiter Features not found in competitive systems:  (1) The Event Planner that turns on and off events automatically. This is used for control many events at the same time. It is also needed for lap counting of large urban schools with several physical education teachers sharing one Orbiter. (2) Race Control using a Tablet.    This frees the timer from the timing tent and allows full mobility during a race. (3) Monitoring of many way points in real time with heart beat monitor and watch dog. No longer are Pelican boxes with knobs and switches required at each way point.

See the screen shot of Orbiter4 software detector control below:


Cell Connection just pops up “Green” automatically with no human interaction.

Competitive Systems:

How Mats work and why the Orbiter system is better… Mat antenna cables are delicate copper and fray as they are moved and used over and over.  Their performance degrades and tag detects suffer.   Mat antennas get bent laying them down and over time they also degrade.   Plan on replacing mats every 2 to 3 years.   They have 22 different connections to put together. In the picture below a Parks Department truck ran over the antenna shorty after they were nailed down.  Municipalities do not like nails in put in walks an roads as it eventually ruins concrete, blocks and asphalt. 

Time accuracy is compromised with mat systems by the number of mats used and the latency to read the tag detect.   This creates a fuzzy finish as detection can happen on any of the one mats.  As Orbiter reference show, Orbiter is time is very accurate because it is the leading edge of the phased detect lobe that captures the time speed of light.   This is shown for all to see and hear with an LED flash and Beep.  No latency.  Other systems have up to a 7 second delay and the runner is past the finish line before the time shows up on the screen.   Who is to know if the time is accurate or not?

As Orbiter references attest, Orbiter time is very accurate.  This is because the leading edge of the phased detect lobe  capture First Tag Detect speed of light and a LED and beep happen in real time for all to know where the tag detect as made.  

Alternatively, when Orbiter Last Tag Detect may be used.  This is done in may types of races where the detector is placed right on top of the finish line pointing at the participants as they pass such as cycle racing.

Either way, the exact time point is determined easily and in real time for all to see and hear.

Orbiter  has a Reprocessing button that allows configuration of the race to be changed on the fly and even after the race.  Reprocessing” saves races.  

Some competitors require two tags be placed on a bib.  This is because they use polarized antennas instead of phased detect antennas like Orbiter.  With Orbiter only one tag per bib is needed due to our patented method. One tag per bib provides additional economy and reduces preparation time prior to the race.

b5cd71df Many races like tag detection “Way Points” to track runners around the course in real time. Orbiters are excellent Way Points because they set up quickly. In the picture below, you can Orbiter versus mats. Above is seen the first of two mats being rolled out and set up. Notice the nest of wires and cables. In cold weather it is finger numbing to piece together the 22 connections that is needed to make a mat system operate. You can see first hand just how complicated setting up any mat system on line by viewing the manufactures instructional videos. image001 

 Even competitive side antenna set up can be equally complicated to piece together.  they are not all-in-one set up like Orbiter.   Shown below is a typical competitive side antenna set-up.   These systems are equally complicated and prone to problems as mat systems.  A nest of wires and 22 connections to set up.   The system shown below has 8 patch antennas, additional cables that stretch over to the far side of the path connected to even more antennas. This system utilizes a separate power supply and is open to rain and the elements.   The patch antennas shown are made for supply chain applications not race timing.   Orbiter uses phased detect antennas specifically designed for race timing.   The Orbiter system works independently with or without a live connection to the server / tablet / laptop.   Autonomous operation of the antennas with no cabling allows multiple Orbiters to work as one or separately based on user defined in real time and on the go control software.   This provides more confidence that your race is safe with Orbiter. image002


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