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The long range ORBITER easily tracks a company (100 each) of recruits for the 6 laps around a 1⁄4 mile. The long range ORBITER is designed for military training and Moral Welfare and Recreation (5 K and 10 K) events.

This is what one US Federal Police Agency said about Orbiter:

“The Orbiter worked great, it was right on time with our manual timers.  It actually corrected some issues with time inversions; 14:43 vs 14:34 that we corrected once we ran the report.  It performed flawlessly. 

The system was very transportable and easy to use.”

There are two types of military ORBITERs:

(1) a mobile ORBITER, and (2) one that is permanently mounted for 24/ 7/ 365 day use that includes a full color display. Users may gain instant results in all weather conditions next to the path. Two systems – mobile system and permanent track side system. Permanent system can be pole mounted outside or inside. Portable system has just three minute setup. No cumbersome mats need to be laid. Mats tend to wear out and get very dirty over time. The Orbiter system uses wireless communications to the host computer. One Mobile Orange Orbiter is used for Physical Testing and a mobile system that sets up in 3 minutes for MWR (Moral Welfare and Recreation). Here are more details: – Your choice Microwave or UHF transponders. – Tag Read Distance 40 ft. with semi passive always on RFID. – Software designed for Military Fitness Assessment Testing that captures standard military data such as rank, unit, military identification, ethnicity, race, gender, DOB, height, weight. – Software has a “clone” feature for rapid testing of squadron after squadron testing back to back within seconds. – Software works 24 / 7 / 365 days per year for military servicemen test practice and work out. – Starting of events may be done by push of button, by pre-set time, by start tag. – Software has the following features: reprocessing, min lap time, max lap time, lap split times. – Time is calculated as “Epoch Time” so that day of week (Mo. – Sun), year, test history may be captured and recalled utilizing a calendar search of the database. – 3 minute deployment. – Wireless operation from the track side reader to the Fitness Assessment Station with military approved radio device for use on military bases.

Military PT Training with One Orbiter is all that is needed.


Permanent mounted Orbiter on pole next to track counts laps and time 24/7. Can also be mounted permanently on indoor track.

Permanent Mounted Orbiter RFID Reader

As runners pass the start / finish line the times are shown on optional LED as they pass each lap.

Orbiter times displayed on electronic readerboard as they pass the finish.

In the warm up area, the optional results display detects individuals standing in front of the display and automatically displays run lap time and history.

Orbiter race info displayed at warm up area.

Orbiter Physical Training and Testing Software is customized to your line of service (Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Air Force, Marines). Drop down menu includes rank headings. Shown here is an example for the US Air Force

Reports of Military PT training created from Orbiter software.

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