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The Orbiter Lap Counter System was developed at the request of schools, non profits and parks to provide a product for all sized events. The geniuses of the product line started in 1996, and has evolved today into an economical system for counting laps. Orbiter firsts happened many years ago while the rest of the chip timing industry is only learning about today. Orbiter programmers and electrical engineers were pioneers back in the early 90’s. We as engineers were around when chip timing was first developed and used in world class races such as the 24 Hours of Aspen and Formula 1 development of ultra wide band pulse.

The Orbiter Lap Counter System is the result of a combination of patent pending software, hardware using proven RFID technologies.

Orbiter invented mobile side antenna technology for race timing and patented it. Side antenna technology has rapidly replaced mat and overhead structures as users find the benefits of time accuracy and ease of set up. Orbiter’s phased detect antenna technology allows precise control of the beam. Competitors that copy cat with off the shelf antennas and cables don’t come close to Orbiter. So much so that in real time the position of the tag at detection may be heard and seen. The detection point is over the top of the start finish line. (1/100th second accuracy according to USAF testing.) No other side antenna technology can do this. This is difficult for competitors to understand as their side antenna detections point floats all over the lobe. Additionally, in mass starts shadowing has been resolved. Even runners in the center have their tags detected. This means savings and ease of set up on wide start lines. No other side antenna technology is able to do this.

Orbiter has innovated many chip timing firsts. In addition to those mentioned above, Orbiter made the traditional plastic pelican box obsolete. Obsolete means not needed. In every way the plastic pelican control box used by competitive systems has been made obsolete by Orbiter. This is because Orbiter turned it into software. Please call for specifics as this saves money, weight and the need to take up and down 20 different cable connections and fittings. Thus saving you the timer effort and risk of lost parts and operational failures. p>

A continued firs is the Orbiter reader is autonomous from the server. It is truly smart and does not need a live connection to the server to operate. The Orbiter reader makes intelligent decisions on it’s own. It can even determine last tag detect on it’s own. Priority cellular communication and much more. Call and learn why last tag detect is so important.

High Voltage is important with RFID. This is why we are the only company that has 24 volt battery power.


Another important first is the ability to trade tags immediately between event participant. Reuse of tags saves money and is especially important for school physical education and military fitness assessment tests. No other company can do this.

We are based in Tacoma, Washington. Its offices are located at: 13500 Pacific Ave S. Tacoma WA 98444.

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