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The Orbiter advantage is greater versatility in timing events because the timer is free of mats and overhead structures. This means the same timing system works on snow, water, and uneven terrain. No longer does the timer need to find level land so a mat system is not lifted up creating a tripping hazard. With Orbiter there is no trip hazard because the start / finish is wide open. When timing over water the optional water tight Orbiter allows sitting on a paddle board, or inflatable and timing with confidence. The Orbiter can be dunked into the water without problem. All this happens because we turned the traditional pelican box, time detector controller into software. Without this heavy device, the Orbiter has the same performance is light and mobile. Here are our Core Markets! 1. Events. 2. Military 3. Schools 4. Non Profits 5. Timers – Become a Certified Orbiter Race Timer (CORT). Gain an exclusive area, and make $ 65,000 to $ 120,000 working three Saturdays a month timing events. Email us if you have yet another use for Orbiter! Here are events Orbiter is used today for both small (85 people) and large races (30,000 + People) …. · 5K · 10K · Marathons · Half Marathons · Triathlons · Fitness Assessment · Automated Walking Running 24 / 7 / 365 · Stand-up Paddle Board · Downhill · Enduro · Duathlon · Mountain Bike · Cyclocross · Gran Fondos · PT Test · Mud Run · SUP · Adventure Race · Downhill Skiing · Biathlon · Obstacle Course · Dragon Boat · Open Water Swim · Canoe Race · Motocross · Kayak Race · Cross Country · Stair Climb · Corporate Event You name it, Orbiter times it better! Look below: This is what an overhead structure looks like. Some OEM manufactures sell this. Imagine…would you want to build such as structure and mount the antennas? Think about taking it down and putting it away. You save hours with the Orbiter 3 minute set up and instant take down.

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