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Orbiter is the best choice for chip timing road races. Race Organizers demand accurate and timely results reporting over versatile medium that includes electronic, cellular and paper. Orbiters solution scales both up and down better than any other timing system. Whether the race includes 85 people or 30,000 people, Orbiter has you covered. Here are some key advantages for Race and Event Managers using Orbiter:

1. Economy. Sporting some of the world’s lowest cost chip bibs with highest quality can allow Race Organizers to save tens of thousands of dollars.

2. Freedom to Choose. Orbiter allows Race Organizers to choose their own registration platform and Orbiter is here to support and provide service aid in making it happen. There are many qualified registration companies – many of which have devoted millions of dollars in making their systems work exceptionally well. Rather than being all things to all people, Orbiter recommends you use a company’s registration method you like best.

3. Focus. Orbiter specializes in providing quick and easy timing solutions so the event manager may have the options of Renting, Purchasing, or hire a CORT) Certified Orbiter Race Timer time your event. Thus Race Organizers gain the best of all worlds.

4. Innovation: Orbiter was the first to innovate mobile side-antennas that set up in 3 minutes, yet provide equal or better time time accuracy than mats or overhead structures. Time is money and Orbiter can help you save.

5. Simpler is better. Having in house software and RF engineers allows Orbiter to step back, and find less complicated solutions that can be better. Who wants the cost and difficulty to set up complicated systems that require a team and package truck?

For example, at Sun Valley Idaho resort and later at Aspen Colorado, Orbiter engineers in 1998 installed results on a walk up displays. The results were posted automatically the user walks within 15 ft. This was a major improvement over Kiosks and is still relevant today. Many people can see their results together and eliminate touch screens that cause line up of people and dirty screens. Greater customer satisfaction, line busting, and less expensive equipment. Just another example of the Orbiter way…leagues ahead.

6. Cellular Priority similar to Police and Fire. Orbiter results get to the server faster so your customers see their results in near real time. Other systems use retail 3G and 4G, and the timer’s data has the same priority to the cell tower as a teenager’s cell phone. No wonder results are often gained until after an event is completed.

8. Customization. As a world class Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM), Orbiter is able to provide custom software and hardware solutions. We work for many Federal Agencies and all lines of military service. Whether Ultra Wide Band Pulse (UWB), our engineers were of the first to deliver an UWB solution), RFID, Phased Detect antennas, or photo systems give Orbiter a call.

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