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RFID Chip Timing Canton Ohio

RFID Chip Timing Canton Ohio

Purchase or Rent an RFID Chip Timing system for your local event. Orbiter is the only proven timing system that is rented to first time users with success. Save thousands of dollars with excellent results. Easy to use phased detect technology means no mats or overhead structures needed. Just turns on the timer, know who you gave the bibs to, and make the system beep at the finish, and 100% your race is safe. The software set up can be modified during or after the race with “reprocessing” button. Our local CORT (Certified Orbiter Race Timer) is a specialist will be available to help. Time any human powered event including cycle, running, triathlon, skating, and more. Our product is also ideal for Military and Police Fitness assessment testing. Non-profit events, race timers and the like can all benefit. If you are in Houston, it is suggested to look for the RFID timing chip Canton Ohio to get more information. The system includes stronger readers that can accomplish standard UHF passive systems that are used for particular running events. The software is designed with Customized features are there to meet the particular requirements. Options such as split and total times are available. Works for School PTA, PTO, walk run events. Physical Education walks and run programs. Easier than Barcode and students like it better as they can run free without stopping to get scanned. MWR (Moral Welfare Recreation) uses Orbiter for all types of events. Timers make the switch to Orbiter as due to ease of use and a wider variety of events that can be timed profitably. RFID Inlays at special low prices are available.

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