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RFID Chip Timing Denver Colorado

RFID Chip Timing Denver Colorado

For timing running events for school PTA / PTO fundraiser walk a thons, RFID Chip Timing plays is easy to use and economical. Check out Orbiters new school fund raising tool. Schools on average raise $ 30,000 USD during a 3 hour walk a thon event.

For fund raisers and events Orbiter Timing Rentals are so easy to use anyone can time a race. Whether it is timing road running, bike, kart, triathlon, skiing, fitness assessment, military or any other event, please contact Orbiter. As reference most major non-profits and thousands of events use our RFID timing and lap counting equipment. In order to get more information, you may search for the RFID timing in Denver Colorado.

Orbiter RFID technology provides real time reports for total times, split times, lap counts and much more. We are the world low cost, high quality supplier for race timing systems and rentals. By searching with RFID timing Denver Colorado you will be able to get information about this.

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