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RFID Chip Timing New York

RFID Chip Timing New York

Transponder timing is also known as RFID or chip timing. This is a technique which is used to measure the performance in several sports events. The transponder works on the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) basis. An athlete is attached with this to produce an exclusive code which is identified by the radio receivers, positioned at the several points in an event. If you are in New York, it is recommended to search for the RFID Chip timing New York to get useful information.

Generally, two kinds of transponder timing systems are there. They are active and passive. The active transponder includes a transceiver which is powered by battery. It makes connection with the athlete and an exclusive code is emitted while it gets interrogated. On the contrary, a passive transponder does not include any kind of power source inside it. The electromagnetic energy is formed by a nearby exciter and that energy is used to create the unique code. In order to get more information, you may search for the RFID timing sports New York New York.

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