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Excellent product for the mile run, mileage running programs, and fund raisers.   Patented electronic wrist band technology with no batteries. Better than Bar-code, Fitbit or Odometers. As shown above, students run freely past at distance and in large groups. Each are counted magically. Your kids deserve to Run Free.

Student Lap Tracker. Orbiter Free Flow RFID School Walk A Thon

The Orbiter system allows students to run, not stand in line; and it allows teachers and coaches to teach and coach without the hassles of outdated record keeping methods. Orbiter is the only portable RFID system that sets-up immediately with no cables or parts to assemble. It’s the easiest to use because only Orbiter software allows teachers to trade tags between classes, or have a tag for each student.  Your choice.

Teachers track students’ laps automatically and get physical education results in real time from a tablet with the option to download to a computer later.

Orbiter provides great motivation for kids. They soon look forward to exercise and staying healthy. Students are motivated by the ‘magic’ beep as they pass our Spire RFID reader. 

There are no handheld devices that go missing, or photo capture delays.   Tag detection at 20 feet distance and at the speed of light.  Over 250 students may be detected per second.   This allows students to run free past the detector.

Excellent for training and conducting the mile run test without line ups.    Orbiter allows use of a “Start Tag” to make  your testing easy.  Plus, automatically captures lap counts and split times.   Using our unique “reprocessing” feature you can test groups with back to back tests using the same tags traded by roster number.   All this with just 4 key strokes.  

New for 2017 – multiple teachers may manage their own classes  with their own Tablet communicating to  one Orbiter!   Each Teacher sees their own class event though hundreds of kids from many classes pass the one Orbiter.  Orbiter is the only company with this innovation in the world today.   This functionality was requested by large schools with many physical education teachers.

Orbiter is economical since the Net Present Value of the system is similar to other systems.  Only one Orbiter is needed per school which also provides economy.

Just three actions to remember for success:  (1) Turn the Orbiter “On”, (2) know who you gave the tags to, (3) and make the Orbiter “Beep” with each pass of the student.  100% your run results are safe.  Software administration can be done after the fact.

For Outdoor and Indoor Use:


Orbiter used for schools physical education

“We just finished our annual Walkathon and it has helped us raise $ 300,0000 these last 5 years! Kind Regards a Very Happy Orbiter User, Kevin Flurry Director of Development Pan American Christian Academy” Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Making Orbiter work for school physical education is as Simple as 1, 2 3 !


1.Issue tags by roster number to students.



2.Click “Start” button on tablet ; Or choose “automated self-start”.



3. In real time, call out number of laps, split times, or finish times from a tablet. Or, download at your office later!



Collect the tags by roster number order, then re-issue to the next class period.


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