Sports Training & Race Timing with Tablets – Pick the right tool for the job.

273If you are a professional, we recommend a robust tablet that won’t fail you.  A tablet that is all-weather, rugged, and most importantly may be seen in direct sun light.  This allows you to see participant’s times and lap counts in real time so you can call back to the athlete for immediate results.

We are writing about coaches, physical education teachers, military fitness assessment personnel, and professional timers.

Intel tells Orbiter that by design Tablet microprocessors maximize battery life, and they are all not the same.  For example, Android’s are designed to handle web application and not for intense mathematical and time calculations.  iPad’s tablets do not have thumb drives and Ethernet connectivity options that the professional may need.

Wrongly choosing a tablet can cost a professional timer greatly.This means the inability to provide results and improve the participant’s future performance.It also means the ability to scale out and use multiple RFID readers, or incur software application lock ups due to undersized microprocessors. Use in direct sun light, dropped and broken tablet, or a blown the tablet damaged by water in a sudden rain storm.

To avoid these common problems, Orbiter has found at least one tablet that works well.It is the Panasonic Tough Pad Tablet. It is proven, and found to work in all environments.There are no ulterior motives here other than to share information. Tough Tablets costs much more than Android tablets,but for a professional “It is the right tool for the job”.They can be purchased direct off the internet or from Orbiter.

With our partnership with Verizon, Orbiter is developing a Cloud application that will allow teachers to use any tablet via HTML to administer physical education classes from your home room. This is a different need than we are discussing above.  This page is about coaching or assessments outdoors next to the Orbiter bollard reader.

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